Birds Before Land


What you will begin to notice, and likely already have from the Mirror Model practices, are weird ‘coincidences’ related to your intentional thoughts and feelings. What is often misleading or confusing is that these first manifestations (which seem like very mild coincidences) given their incomplete or light nature are what could be considered “half-baked” or in some way less than hoped for. For many, this sort of manifestation is unconvincing or, worse, discouraging, because they expect the whole manifestation they want, when this is actually the best kind of sign.

Thus, an important point to understand is what is called Birds Before Land or Driftwood. These come from sailing terminology, in particular from explorers sailing unfamiliar routes in search of new lands. If they see birds flying or pieces of driftwood in the water, they know they must be close to land somewhere, though they might not see it on the horizon yet.

In a similar way, as we begin to change our relationships with topics via our beliefs and habitual thoughts and feelings, the evidence of this new momentum at first manifests in small innocuous ways that may seem unimportant or ‘coincidental,’ but is, in fact, evidence we are getting closer and closer to where we want to go, as long as we keep going mentally and emotionally in that direction.

In the beginning this may feel like a slow process, but, overall, as manifesting becomes a practiced lifestyle, the rapidity and size of the new manifestations becomes faster and larger as our whole outlook on life changes. So understand that, even if small, any desirable manifestations are evidence of success and to keep going.