Self-Love and Gratitude


From working with people one-on-one over the years, and no doubt you will see this spiel coming, the emphasis on quick rearrangement of reality in precise ways (specific manifestations), is jumping into the process later than the current ability to control, due to the lack of self-awareness. The “need” for specific manifestations is really the desire to form a specific interpretation of the self-concept, but still looking to physical manifestation to “justify” the interpretation. For some, this can be very difficult to affirm without “evidence” and so beginning with gratitude and self-love, focusing on things already present is important as there is nothing to give rise to doubt. The obsessive need for a specific manifestation is a red flag that there is work to be done in regards to that area of the self-concept first.

More importantly, and perhaps more technically difficult, is trying to implement meta-beliefs (I AM God, EIYPO, multiple realities, etc) without the basic experiences of manifestation itself or the process of habitual positive interpretation to “justify” these beliefs without question. Considering the nature of reality as it presents as a single reality, timeline, or possibility and the personal experience as inherently dualistic, it is continually implied that reality is fixed, objective, and composed of separate willful actors. That said, without the personal experience of “violating” these truths, continually believing these will not have the same sense of rationality when arrived at experimentally. This can be roughly defined as continually trying to “know more” in hopes of gaining better manifestational ability.

Much of the specific manifesting work done, is quickly undone through a lack of ongoing general “support” of a generic positive self-image and positive worldview. Self-love and gratitude form this basis and makes non-contradiction of other intentional work easier as there is less obsession and “need” for the specific manifestation (both of which undo the work).