First, grip the counter so you steady your image in the mirror.


An even more general overview is this:

You are a drunk in front of the bathroom mirror.

First, grip the counter so you steady your image in the mirror.

Second, now you can see and pick up the objects on the counter.

Third, then you can use objects as you desire.

Fourth, and finally, you can re-arrange the objects as you see fit.

Stop trying to steady yourself with the objects, you drunk.

See thoughts as a manifestation in and of themselves

All Is Mind:

The greatest advice I can give to people here is this:

Realize from the core of your heart and soul that your mind IS your World. Meditate on this last sentence for few days so that you understand it not just intellectually but profoundly.

When you imagine or feel you often do this to change outside world, and often you worry how and when will it be manifested. You think of your thoughts as somehow “unreal” and you wait for the “real” reality to manifest… and so of course you weaken your power. This is erroneous thinking. This blocks your progress and manifestation. Because it is ignorance.

Pretend that only your mind exists: nothing else, no one else. Nothing and no one to change but your mind. So focus on your mind only. Cultivate thoughts, feelings and mental images that you want without ever being influenced by the outside. Don’t even wait for results: do this just as a game. See those thoughts as a manifestation in them self. If you persist in this way: with the understanding that your mind is the one and only reality and that the moment you changed your thoughts and feelings you changed your world, the outside reality will have no choice but to change.

But please: don’t change your mind so that you change the outside, understand that the second you do this in your mind the reality IS ALREADY changed so the question “when” and “how” vanishes. The time lag is only an illusion. Do this for few weeks just to play with this idea: do it just for fun to see what will happen. Enjoy your desired thoughts and mental images as a manifestation in them self and ignore the evidences of the senses.

Of course if you do this, even for fun you will find the secret of creation. You will feel great power. Your manifestations will be very quick, physically speaking but never, ever make yourself or your mind dependent of it.

You can only ever experience states.

Aman Birgi:

Everything is easy. Everything is effortless. Your abundance is easy. Your struggle is easy. Your partner comes to you easily. Your partner stays away easily. Your good health comes easily. Your bad health comes easily.

Everything flows easily and effortlessly from your state. Nature doesn’t struggle for anything, and yet everything gets done.

Relax for a week or two about changing anything and look how easily you get what you are getting. Week after week the same thing. It’s literally like rolling six 6’s 🎲 again and again and again.

The reason you have trouble with Neville’s work is that you’re trying to manifest the object/person, rather than trying to manifest the state.

You don’t realize that you’re always in a state and you can only ever experience states. The work is to relax into the state you’re in until you’re perfectly still within. And then to slip into a new state naturally and effortlessly.

The law cannot be broken. You get outwardly exactly what you are already experiencing inwardly. Your state out pictures itself effortlessly.

Let go of all your questions. Let go of all your thoughts. Let go of your mind. Relaaaaaaax.
You are safe. You are abundant. You are loved. You are never alone. You are exactly where you need to be.

Stop trying to change. Stop trying. Let go.

Be still and know that I AM God.

Be still.

Be still.

Be still.