Play It As a GAME – fully without any expectations or seriousness

All Is Mind:

This is perhaps the first time of your life that you try to have a strong control over your mind. Maybe you never applied the Law in such a drastic, complete way. Before it was all wishful thinking, self lying. So don’t be surprised if you find yourself failling to apply the rules of the game. It says a lot. It teaches you a lot. Keep in mind: I asked you to PLAY IT AS A GAME. Fully without any expectations or seriousness, just apply the rules fully and live in the feelings of being loved. So the fact that you have hard doing it even as a game, with the knowledge that you can’t lose nothing and still being unable to apply correctly tells you a lot about how you are attached to your negative states.

All of this was expected. And of course all of you will not manifest the ex back in 30 days for the obvious reasons. You can’t accept the fact that you are loved even if you play it as a game. If you are in that reality it is okay. And some of you may need to do the experiment multiple times but don’t cheat, don’t lie to yourself: own your negativity.


It is also important to know that all of you could have a very fast success if you understood the power of your beliefs. 30 DAYS is long and you could manifest it in 3 days or even less. YET most of you don’t because you don’t let go of your misery even if you know its a game.