You are allowed to be God in your Imagination.


There are no punishments. The past although it is experienced in this world, is goes back into Imagination. Once it reenters Imagination, it is under your control to manipulate. If you revise your day and give yourself entirely to it (feeling), you will change the Inner Self which will reflect in your tomorrow. For what you feel after today is your tomorrow.

Learn to stop being lovers with your fears and give up the emotional relationship you developed with it. You learn by imagining something more magnificent in its place. And then you surrender entirely, you die to your former and fully give yourself to this new concept. You are allowed to not let the past determine your imagining. You are allow to not let the fears of the future determine your imagining. You are allowed to be God in your Imagination. You already are, you just have allow yourself to be.

This is what I mean by God. I mean you are in total control within. How can one control the Mind? The most efficient way I have found to control the Mind when you identify yourself with the Inner Self, who is the God in the World of Imagination. You are the voice, the awareness within. (Creator Mediation) This inner self does not have to answer to anyone and if this inner self wishes to revise his past, so be it. If he wishes to free himself of all punishments, so it is. In this inner world you can change the motivations of others. You can make them into clay statues and make them listen to you about your new state, and you can unfreeze them feeling that now all empathize with you.

You have what it takes to change your inner world. I do not mean this as a confidence boost, I mean this literally, because you are the Creator in your inner World.

Listen to this video. Study it.