Wholesome Thoughts


One of the most important parts of this paper, and one of the most important things I’ve discovered is this: there is something that I believe you shouldn’t manifest – and that’s forcing a change in emotional state. For these built up negative emotions, the correct way to deal with them is accept them, acknowledge them, and be with them. Doing this will allow you to let go of them, to release them from your being. Every time you let go, your baseline “normal” emotional state gets a little higher. This is extremely important because the vast majority of our thoughts are caused by emotions. So, if you’re trying to work on your thoughts without working on your emotions first, you’re treating the symptoms and not the root cause. Reaching a higher emotional state will cause all those thousands and millions of automatically generated thoughts to become wholesome instead of unwholesome. And I’m sure you’re all aware just how much good that could do in your lives.