Write a New Story

Neville Goddard thread:

For reference by this point, we had not spoken or been in contact for 6 months and he had literally told me to never contact him again. So, this is what I did:

I decided to take every negative thought about him, our relationship, and the argument we had, and bin it. From this point onwards I would never repeat the old story again, like it had never happened. Revise it if you have too. That’s what I did, I revised the evening we had the argument, into a lovely romantic date and things were left in a good way, with my SP telling me he loved me and will see me soon.

I also took my SP off the pedestal, he’s just a normal person, this is my life, I am the GOD of my reality. So, in my head I decided on a new story in which I was the most important person, and my SP was head over heels in love with me.

I wrote down a list of affirmations about me, how I was confident, attractive, I can get any man I want, and I deserve this amazing relationship. About him, how I wanted to recreate him in my reality, loving, caring, attentive and only attracted to me. Then about the relationship, we are so in love and in a happy committed relationship. I kept the affirmations short and easy to remember, so I could repeat them whenever I needed too.

A strict mental diet is what worked for me, I hardly ever visualised, but when I repeated my affirmations, images of us walking down the street hand in hand would pop into my mind naturally, but if they didn’t that was ok, I didn’t force anything. Every time a negative thought came to my mind, I said NO and repeated my affirmations, until I felt a swift into a positive place. I did this continuously until the negative thoughts were completely gone. It didn’t take long. Another thing, I added to my routine was, I would repeat my affirmations to myself every night until I fell asleep.

During this time, I must stress you have to ignore your current reality and what’s happening in the 3D world. Completely live like you’re in this amazing relationship with your SP. The affirmations will make it easier to stay in that place. Don’t react to anything that is opposing your desire, and don’t wait around for calls or messages. I would just look at my phone and say why is he always calling and messaging me. Enjoy life and do things that you’d do if you already had this person in your life. Would you be googling how to get my ex back etc if you had them NO, so stop doing that. You know how to manifest, so go ahead and practice it. You can’t learn forever and there are no short cuts to this, you have to put in the work and test the law for yourself. Even Neville Goddard stressed the importance of testing the law and see it work for yourself.

The final and most important thing is PERSIST in the new story, do not give up. Don’t look for signs or feel like you have to contact them. Keep affirming until this new story feels more real than the old. Before you know it, the 3D world will catch up with your imagination. When you least expect it, your SP will be back with you. They have no choice but to conform to your assumptions of them, because everyone is you pushed out. If you believe they love you, miss you and only want you, they have to appear that way in your reality. Remember there is no one to change but self – Neville Goddard. You can’t change your SP in the 3D world without changing them in your thoughts and imagination first, change the old story you’re telling yourself about them. All you must do is dedicate the time and effort to control your mind.

This may sound harsh, but you have to be brutally honest with yourself. Some people say they are on a strict mental diet but are only positive when they’re affirming and then allow their mind to run wild rest of the time. When you’re on a strict mental diet, you should take control of every thought 24/7. It will get easier the more you do it.

As for my SP he contacted me 3 weeks into my mental diet, apologising and telling me how he’d missed me and wanted to see me. We’re now in a loving committed relationship, he is the best partner ever because I have created him that way. Everything I had been affirming to myself came true. Even now when he does things that annoy me, I don’t argue with him, I just change it in my mind. Once you adjust your mindset, your whole world will change.

The way I look at it is, it’s your life you write the script. Your SP is only an extra in your film, you’re the lead, so you call the shots. You can have this too, just believe in yourself and your relationship and take control of your mind. Best of luck everyone.