Pursue a Mission

Ben Settle:

How did he go from super schlub to super Villain? What was his secret?

The guy decided to pursue a mission.

A mission (in his case, build a multi-million dollar business and never have to be under anyone else’s authority) that transcended himself. He started out near penniless, poured his heart and soul into it every day, and went after it without apology, pause, or apprehension.

The result was a total transformation in his life — financially, emotionally, and professionally.

That’s the kind of transformation a man with a mission can experience.

In fact, when you encounter a Villain with a clearly defined mission you will instantly know it.

You’ll see it in his eyes.

You’ll hear it in his voice (especially when he tells “war stories” about pursuing his mission).

And, you’ll feel it in the vibe he gives off just being in his presence.

There is something about a Villain with a mission other people are irresistibly drawn to. A Villain on a mission doesn’t care about what anyone — man or woman — thinks about him.

Instead, he cares only for his mission. As a result, women can’t help but be attracted to him (regardless of his looks), and will even compete with each other to be his minion.

Men, on the other hand, are inspired and intimidated by him. They want to be like him (even if they think they can never be him), eagerly submit to him, and stand in line just to become one of his lowly

A mission gives a Villain charisma.

Charisma gives a Villain power and influence.

And power and influence gives a Villain the world. But, it all starts with your mission.

A Villain without a mission is as useful as a eunuch. Just as a man without testicles cannot procreate, has no drive, and is pitied by men and women alike, a Villain without a mission

has no value to those he wishes to subjugate. People will, in fact, reject, mock, and be repelled by a Villain without a mission.

If you don’t have a mission you must get one. Today.

No excuses or putting it off until the New Year or when you’re “ready.”

What kind of mission should you pursue?

That is entirely your choice and nobody can make it for you.

It can be financial (building a business empire), or creative (becoming a world-famous musician, best-selling author, or celebrity actor), or religious (founding a church or organization to support your faith), or becoming the best there is in the world at a particular skill (shooting, poker, hunting, racing, professional sports, etc), or anything you want.

A mission is a personal quest and I can’t tell you what yours should be.

What I can tell you is, once you do have a mission you must nurture, protect, and ruthlessly pursue it. It must be the first thing you work on when you wake up in the morning, and the last thing on your mind when you drift off to sleep.

Friends, dames, even family must come second, with your mission being your most urgent priority. I am not saying to shirk any familial or marital responsibilities. But realize your loved ones’ happiness, security, and emotional/financial well-being trickle down from you — the man on a mission in their lives.

It’s like when flying a major airline. If the cabin loses pressure an oxygen mask drops down and you are told to put it on before trying to assist anyone around you. So it is for a man with a mission. Your mission is your oxygen mask.

Bow only to the altar of your mission.

Not to dames.

Not to friends.

And not to another person’s company, government, or society.

Put your mission first and you will automatically become a charismatic and influential Villain. Just the decision to achieve a mission — and then working towards it each day — will set forces in motion that will change your life, and the lives of those you love and wish to rule over.

In time, money will be attracted to you.

Dames will flock to you.

Family, friends, and acquaintances will respect you.

And power, influence, opportunity, access, and the best of life’s pleasures will be yours for the taking.

Yes, you will have setbacks.

Yes, you will have challenges.

And yes, you will want to quit at times — and probably have to hear the opinions of lesser men who are afraid of your success and the power it will grant you.

After all, in nature if you put crabs in a bucket, and one tries to climb out, the other crabs will pull it back in. Such is the fate of any man who decides to pursue a mission.

So be ready for challenges, and don’t be surprised when they happen. Just realize the thrill of achieving your mission and the joy of working on it will give you the greatest satisfaction you can ever experience.

A bad day working on your mission is better than a good day living a boring life of mediocrity like everyone else you know.

And the best part is, all it takes is a decision to define your mission and go after it. The rest will take care of itself.