Shrooms 20g


Not many people have reached this dose. It’s so psychologically and physiologically dangerous, that if you even have the slightest doubt about it, you should not take it until you are ready. Your visuals will be so strong that you will no longer be able see your own hand in front of your face. Your thoughts will be indescribable, and you will see everything. Your “third eye” will be wide open. You will meet beings and see architecture and patterns that appear to be made out of light and energy. This trip is much like a DMT breakthrough trip, as mushrooms are also a tryptamine hallucinogen. You will have no motor function, and may forget to do basic tasks such as breathe, which can cause you to pass out. You will no longer experience reality, as your vision will be completely covered in visuals so strongly that you can no longer see your hand in front of your face, and you will no longer hear anything but pure auditory hallucinations. You are transported to an entire new universe, and become a completely different being. Those who take this dose, usually never go back. If you’re the type of person who trips hard on 3.5g, then you should never think of attempting this dose.