Relax and Have Fun

Amazon reviewer:

This little book is kind of a continuation of the author’s Pendulum book. There is also a DVD presentation available.

There are tons of books available on the topic of Consciousness and Awareness. But this one is simply a class of its own, because of the humor, simplicity and graphics. If you fast forward to the end conclusion, Relax and have fun, because there is no end to this evolution.

As an Abraham-Hicks follower, Bentov’s conclusion is same as Abraham-Hicks.

Resolve All Problems


I’m writing for you and myself

see the problem, understand = it came from you, even if it was later manifested in existence, to show you what thought you had (of yourself, of other, of people in general).

See the message (it came from you/ you reacting = you being an actor, bad move if script is shit) and think; are they to blame, or am i to blame for them doing/showing me what i was thinking (good or bad).

If yes – it came from me = then there is no problem, it’s just an idea/manifested irl reflection clothed in substance.

If it’s just an idea and it came to life as an ‘irl-experience’ – like if i now think of getting a free cup of coffee – i will get it/it will be reflected as situation because i’m gonna see a cup of coffee that i didn’t pay for (something will happen) in my imagination, and if selected – i feel reliefs, that’s when I give the Green light = for it to manifest.

Reliefs is the symptom of a good thought.

Anxiety/nervousness/depression/anger/any negative thought = is a symptom of a bad thought/or memory(still a thought but in irl video format).

That’s good to hear, that means = There absolutely never is a problem.

as everything is only an idea and you bring it about by your thinking/imagining XYZ,

So there is no reason to react to anything negative – Only see it, see what’s happening/happened, understand that “yes, at some point i was thinking this and now i see it irl” – and surplant/replace it with a better alternative.

God is everything. Consciousness is everything.

MoonlightConcerto, in the Joseph Murphy sub-reddit:

God exists. God is everything. There is nothing but God.

God created everything. Since there is nothing but God, God obviously created everything from within himself, and by utilizing himself as the primordial creative substance.

Consciousness is the closest human technical term that we have to describe an ineffable, indescribable God.

Therefore, consciousness is everything, created everything, and consciousness used itself to create everything out of itself.

Consciousness is the primordial substance of all creation.


So what are emotions? And why do luminaries such as Neville emphasis the use of emotions in manifestation? Why does he talk about choosing the emotional/feeling state of the wish fulfilled as the key to manifestation?


What are emotions? Emotions are basically the way consciousness experiences itself. Pure and simple.

God can experience himself. God can say ” I am” and know what that is – which demonstrates that god can experience himself.

When God is all there is, and there is nothing external to god, how can god experience himself except internally ? So God’s experience of himself is always internal. This is why emotions are purely and will always be an internal experience.

We are miniaturised consciousness units. Consciousness is god. This is why it is said that we are made in the image and likeness of god.

So like god, we have the ability to experience ourselves. What is that experience called ? Emotion. And just like god, emotions are a purely internal phenomenon and experience.

Yes baby. Emotion. Feelings. Beingness. All basically describing how god and we experience ourselves, internally.