“Keeping this forever!”

A review of Neville:

I never hold onto books. This one is different. I don’t even want to loan it out! Life-changing is an understatement. My consciousness has reached a new level of awakening and awareness! I’ve already seen positive changes in my life and I’ve only been studying for a couple months! I plan to read this book once a year and I keep myself motivated by YouTube law of assumption coaches that discuss Neville and his writings. In books 7-10 he sprinkles in nothing-short-of-amazing success stories and there are 63 total. Fabulous and also since I have a Bible background all the scripture references totally clicked and resonated! This is the truthiest truth I’ve ever had the pleasure of stumbling upon! 😀

Avoid distractions.

Paul Graham:

10. Avoid distractions.

Nothing kills startups like distractions. The worst type are those that pay money: day jobs, consulting, profitable side-projects. The startup may have more long-term potential, but you’ll always interrupt working on it to answer calls from people paying you now. Paradoxically, fundraising is this type of distraction, so try to minimize that too.

11. Don’t get demoralized.

Though the immediate cause of death in a startup tends to be running out of money, the underlying cause is usually lack of focus. Either the company is run by stupid people (which can’t be fixed with advice) or the people are smart but got demoralized. Starting a startup is a huge moral weight. Understand this and make a conscious effort not to be ground down by it, just as you’d be careful to bend at the knees when picking up a heavy box.

12. Don’t give up.

Even if you get demoralized, don’t give up. You can get surprisingly far by just not giving up. This isn’t true in all fields. There are a lot of people who couldn’t become good mathematicians no matter how long they persisted. But startups aren’t like that. Sheer effort is usually enough, so long as you keep morphing your idea.

Oprah Winfrey Says She Only Has 3 Close Friends

Oprah’s friends:

“I don’t have a lot of friends,” Oprah said. “Everybody knows Gayle [King]. There’s Gayle, there’s Maria, there’s Bob [Greene]. And that’s about it, you know? Gayle and Maria, I met around the same time; Gayle and I [have been friends for] 42 years, Maria and I [have also been friends for] 42 years. I never really expanded that circle until recently. You know, I had become friends with a couple of people in my later adult life in the past five years.”

Oprah wrote the foreword to Bob‘s 2008 book The Best Life Diet and said, “Bob Greene was the answer to my prayers. When I first met Bob at that last-ditch-effort spa in Colorado, I thought for sure he was judging and labeling me as I had already judged and labeled myself — fat and out of control. Bob, it turned out, wasn’t judging me at all. He really understood.”

Reality is basically lazy. It’ll take your ideas.


Reality ends up using the ideas you give it. It isn’t creative, you are. It steals your stuff.

It’s like a stand up comic that steals jokes, lol. It will take the jokes it hears other comedians make because it’s easier. It may not even know it stole the joke, but it was planted.

When you make a clear end, mentally, it’s just way more likely for it to happen. You are reality’s source material.

Reality is like someone who doesn’t know which restaurant to go to. When someone offers a suggestion with confidence and joy it makes the decision easy.

So imagining the clear, specific end and feeling the state of the end, makes it easy for the lazy reality to make it so.

Nothing comes from without; all things come from within – from the subconscious – Neville Goddard

Neville Goddess Advice

Neville Goddess:

Your world is a perfect reflection of you, and that includes your desires. Your desires reflect you. When you improve your lens, you see your desires differently, and they often change. The beauty of it all is you are free to move at your own pace and make your own choices. Your world and your life will continue to reflect back to you the contents of your mind – perfectly. If you operate from that assumption, anything “wrong” in your world isn’t from random chance. It’s there reflecting a belief you hold.

The way I approached this year was to just try to change all my beliefs into what I wanted them to be. There were surprising, seemingly unrelated outer effects from specific mental changes that I’d never made connections between that made me a 100% knower (not believer) in this concept of your world as a reflection. When I changed my belief that I was an object subject to others’ approval, a romantic interest in my life who had been noncommittal suddenly wanted to commit. I had no conscious awareness that that belief was causing that outer issue. But it was, through ME. My energy, my words, my choices, my actions.

I also caught a belief that was just below the surface – that no good partners were left out there for me to find (even though on a creation level, I had already said “it’s done.”) When I caught that belief and reprogrammed it – by simply realizing rationally that it’s not true which is my way, and may not be yours – the person I was looking for appeared the next day. And had been there for some time, invisible to me in the right way until my belief changed.


I started with assuming that every belief I had was meaningless/false and everything else came from that. If I create my experience, and I do that through my beliefs, and I don’t want a painful experience, then everything painful I’m experiencing comes from a belief I’m holding that is false/changeable. Something like that, haha.

The Most Important Post You Will Ever Read


Step #1: Write a life vision for yourself

How do you envision your life a few weeks, months, or years from now?

Spend a whole day (or week) thinking about this.

Don’t say I don’t know what to do with my life.

Are you telling me you have no clue what you want in any of the following areas: study, work, family, friends, hobbies, health, etc.?

Even if you’re not sure, you need to give your life some direction.

This is by far the most important part of recovering from pornography addiction.

Write like crazy. Write many pages if you want. Make the biggest post you’ve ever done in your journal talking about how you envision your future life.

This life vision will be the foundation of your reboot.

This is what you will focus on 100% from now on.

Close your eyes. Visualize it. Write it down.

Step #2: Give urgency to your life vision

So this is what you’re going to do now:

You’re going to give urgency to your life vision.

Write down why you ABSOLUTELY MUST start working on it right now.

Make another huge post or journal entry about it.

Step #3: Develop an indestructible belief in yourself

One of the main reasons we quit goals is because deep inside we don’t believe we’re actually able to do it.

When successful people like Arnold Schwarzenegger decide they want to achieve something, they become completely obsessed about it. They have an indestructible belief that they will achieve it.

They are not affected by circumstances. They create results in their head before they even get them.

This is what you have to do if you want to accomplish anything.

The Key to Elon Musk’s Success


That’s according to author and historian Walter Isaacson who wrote Jobs’ biography and is working on one about Musk. Isaacson says that Musk — like both Jobs and Gates — is unemotional when dealing with employees or colleagues, and uncompromising when it comes to fulfilling his grand vision for his businesses.

“That ability to not be as emotionally, empathetically engaged in order to see [their] vision through. It’s something Steve Jobs had, it’s something Bill Gates [has],” Isaacson said on CNBC’s “Squawk Box” on Tuesday. “It’s something a lot of these people have, because they’re not looking for affection from the person sitting across from them. They’re looking to get rockets to Mars.”

In the past, some of Musk’s employees at Tesla have described him as an extreme micromanager who isn’t shy about expressing his displeasure when workers fall short of his lofty standards, or fail to meet his overly ambitious deadlines. He can be harsh, and not always easy to work for, but also often inspiring and funny, employees have said.

Pursue a Mission

Ben Settle:

How did he go from super schlub to super Villain? What was his secret?

The guy decided to pursue a mission.

A mission (in his case, build a multi-million dollar business and never have to be under anyone else’s authority) that transcended himself. He started out near penniless, poured his heart and soul into it every day, and went after it without apology, pause, or apprehension.

The result was a total transformation in his life — financially, emotionally, and professionally.

That’s the kind of transformation a man with a mission can experience.

In fact, when you encounter a Villain with a clearly defined mission you will instantly know it.

You’ll see it in his eyes.

You’ll hear it in his voice (especially when he tells “war stories” about pursuing his mission).

And, you’ll feel it in the vibe he gives off just being in his presence.

There is something about a Villain with a mission other people are irresistibly drawn to. A Villain on a mission doesn’t care about what anyone — man or woman — thinks about him.

Instead, he cares only for his mission. As a result, women can’t help but be attracted to him (regardless of his looks), and will even compete with each other to be his minion.

Men, on the other hand, are inspired and intimidated by him. They want to be like him (even if they think they can never be him), eagerly submit to him, and stand in line just to become one of his lowly

A mission gives a Villain charisma.

Charisma gives a Villain power and influence.

And power and influence gives a Villain the world. But, it all starts with your mission.

A Villain without a mission is as useful as a eunuch. Just as a man without testicles cannot procreate, has no drive, and is pitied by men and women alike, a Villain without a mission

has no value to those he wishes to subjugate. People will, in fact, reject, mock, and be repelled by a Villain without a mission.

If you don’t have a mission you must get one. Today.

No excuses or putting it off until the New Year or when you’re “ready.”

What kind of mission should you pursue?

That is entirely your choice and nobody can make it for you.

It can be financial (building a business empire), or creative (becoming a world-famous musician, best-selling author, or celebrity actor), or religious (founding a church or organization to support your faith), or becoming the best there is in the world at a particular skill (shooting, poker, hunting, racing, professional sports, etc), or anything you want.

A mission is a personal quest and I can’t tell you what yours should be.

What I can tell you is, once you do have a mission you must nurture, protect, and ruthlessly pursue it. It must be the first thing you work on when you wake up in the morning, and the last thing on your mind when you drift off to sleep.

Friends, dames, even family must come second, with your mission being your most urgent priority. I am not saying to shirk any familial or marital responsibilities. But realize your loved ones’ happiness, security, and emotional/financial well-being trickle down from you — the man on a mission in their lives.

It’s like when flying a major airline. If the cabin loses pressure an oxygen mask drops down and you are told to put it on before trying to assist anyone around you. So it is for a man with a mission. Your mission is your oxygen mask.

Bow only to the altar of your mission.

Not to dames.

Not to friends.

And not to another person’s company, government, or society.

Put your mission first and you will automatically become a charismatic and influential Villain. Just the decision to achieve a mission — and then working towards it each day — will set forces in motion that will change your life, and the lives of those you love and wish to rule over.

In time, money will be attracted to you.

Dames will flock to you.

Family, friends, and acquaintances will respect you.

And power, influence, opportunity, access, and the best of life’s pleasures will be yours for the taking.

Yes, you will have setbacks.

Yes, you will have challenges.

And yes, you will want to quit at times — and probably have to hear the opinions of lesser men who are afraid of your success and the power it will grant you.

After all, in nature if you put crabs in a bucket, and one tries to climb out, the other crabs will pull it back in. Such is the fate of any man who decides to pursue a mission.

So be ready for challenges, and don’t be surprised when they happen. Just realize the thrill of achieving your mission and the joy of working on it will give you the greatest satisfaction you can ever experience.

A bad day working on your mission is better than a good day living a boring life of mediocrity like everyone else you know.

And the best part is, all it takes is a decision to define your mission and go after it. The rest will take care of itself.