Neville Goddess Advice

Neville Goddess:

Your world is a perfect reflection of you, and that includes your desires. Your desires reflect you. When you improve your lens, you see your desires differently, and they often change. The beauty of it all is you are free to move at your own pace and make your own choices. Your world and your life will continue to reflect back to you the contents of your mind – perfectly. If you operate from that assumption, anything “wrong” in your world isn’t from random chance. It’s there reflecting a belief you hold.

The way I approached this year was to just try to change all my beliefs into what I wanted them to be. There were surprising, seemingly unrelated outer effects from specific mental changes that I’d never made connections between that made me a 100% knower (not believer) in this concept of your world as a reflection. When I changed my belief that I was an object subject to others’ approval, a romantic interest in my life who had been noncommittal suddenly wanted to commit. I had no conscious awareness that that belief was causing that outer issue. But it was, through ME. My energy, my words, my choices, my actions.

I also caught a belief that was just below the surface – that no good partners were left out there for me to find (even though on a creation level, I had already said “it’s done.”) When I caught that belief and reprogrammed it – by simply realizing rationally that it’s not true which is my way, and may not be yours – the person I was looking for appeared the next day. And had been there for some time, invisible to me in the right way until my belief changed.


I started with assuming that every belief I had was meaningless/false and everything else came from that. If I create my experience, and I do that through my beliefs, and I don’t want a painful experience, then everything painful I’m experiencing comes from a belief I’m holding that is false/changeable. Something like that, haha.