Manifested my life in Hawaii


I like the way you worded this post. I did manifest my life in Honolulu Hawaii. I manifested my job first. I fell asleep working in my office and imagined daily work. Then I manifested my Condo. I slept in it every night. Felt the tile floors under my feet and imagined everything else about living in my condo.


This is very interesting- I don’t talk well to my body (this will change) but I do always talk well to my hair. I am a 61 year old woman- thinning hair is common- hairdressers say my hair is 33% thicker than “normal “ thick hair. It grows insanely fast and my hairdresser commented she thought it was getting even thicker It was important to me from an early age to have thick hair because the Chinese believe it’s a sign of your energy My husband is 64 and he has a full head of hair and I have never allowed any of my children to trash talk their hair Thank You for reminding me I will now do this on my body


And you are the god with unlimited potential, everything is possible if you think it is, I mean, if you don’t see any results it’s probably because you think you don’t truly deserve them or because you think it is too hard to get your results. But please, seriouslyyy, just remember that there are infinite realities, so everything you want already exists, you just gotta believe it and embody the feeling of already having it!