Jane Roberts – The Nature of Personal Reality

Amazon.com review of Jane Robert’s “The Nature of Personal Reality”:

I’m not exactly a newbee to archived Jane Roberts and the Seth materials as I’ve probably read some of her earliest books at least 25 years ago. I now have 5 of her books in my own collection, and would have sworn that this was one already on the shelf except what I had was 2 volumes of “Unknown Reality”. THIS one is the Nature of PERSONAL Reality.

There are some differences and new info, but sometimes the material sounds like a review of something previously read. I gave it 5 stars primarily because it emphasizes the key point over and over: We create our own reality. What you have is what you called into being for yourself. If you want a different reality-then embody (think and feel) like you want that different reality to be. If you want your health restored, then believe yourself to be perfect and fully functioning, and send those vibes and energies into your manifesting desires. Create the image in your mind of what this new and better version of you and your life would be, and then replay that image and scenario over and over and over……every day.

Its a hypnosis technique of envisioning the future that you create in your mind, then walking into it, and FEELing what it feels like to BE THERE in that ideal future. How happy it makes you. How wonderful everyone in your life is there, and how great your life now feels as you walk into that ideal future YOU living there. Do this daily and you eventually walk into that happier, healthier you, …in theory.

The saddest thing for me is that reading the book, which is composed of her husband’s hand-written transcripts of her actual Seth sessions primarily occurring during the 1970’s, is to witness Jane’s health deterioration from pushing herself too hard, smoking, and not sure how much beer was required to initiate Seth’s ease of oration but frequent requests for “another one” were noted. Not meaning to be judgmental, but in the 70’s that behavior wasn’t that unusual, but now, it seems a little questionable.

On some level what Seth says makes perfect sense, and on the other it’s like “Really?….I’m just not thinking and emoting joy and happiness and health? That’s my entire problem?” And yet, I believe that this IS our problem. The thoughts and emotions we hold daily are those that replay for us the next day and the next. It has made me more aware of how powerful and affecting our thoughts on everything are to our personal welfare and our social/cultural environment.

If you haven’t read any of the Seth materials, this might not be the book to start with, but I will gladly add it to the others on my own shelf without regrets for the purchase. I don’t always buy into channeled materials, but parts of this and the many other books that I have from her, ring true.