Go Into God Mode & Live the Dream There

Self Concept. I’m realizing more and more that it’s all about self concept. How you view yourself is what shapes your reality. So imagine being this version of yourself that you want to be. Feel yourself as this version. Act it out in your imagination. Who are you? Who do you wish to be. Live in that mindset of the self you desire to be. Don’t fight who you are. It’s like boxing with shadows. Just choose to be who you want to be in the imagination and leave 3D alone. 3D is all shadows of the past and so often we choose to chase them, box with them, be frightened of them. I catch myself doing it and it’s insane. Instead, go into godmode, into imagination and live the dream there. Then the shadows in 3D change to that.

I’ve remade myself more times than I can count and it always was in my imagination where I began to see myself differently first. Then it became the 3D shadow. And your goal is how I live now and I have lived that way generally quite content/happy about it but I used to want a guy in my life so much. I used to feel lonely. I used to dread the idea of being alone. And like you at times I would be with someone and be like OMG so much stress!

Lately I’m playing around with a guy in my imagination again for fun. I’m having a wonderful relationship and loving it. I think I just felt like I did the single thing for so long that a change became desirable when someone caught my attention after years of that never happening. I took it as a sign that maybe this meant I’m feeling more open again to such a thing whereas for many, many years I was not interested in it at all.

But it is all about self concept. Who are you in your imagination? Who are you in your thoughts? I have seen myself in some very negative ways in the past and those came to be my 3D shadows. Over time I came to see myself better and better, tweaking some traits, adding others. Creating some new truths while letting old ones fade away. You get to be whomever you want! It’s your imagination. Make it a good one that you enjoy and so shall you become that in your 3D shadowland.