Your Imagination Is Your Best Friend


See these are the type of posts and comments that get to me man. “It’s so hard.” “I can’t do this.”

Have you learned nothing? The FUNDAMENTAL of Neville’s teachings was that your concept of yourself is what manifests.

“You never draw out of the deep of yourself that which you want; you always draw that which you are, and you are that which you feel yourself to be as well as that which you feel as true of others.”

– Feeling Is The Secret

And what are you doing? Half-assing SATS sessions and positive thoughts here and there? All while affirming on Reddit that you can’t do it? Doesn’t work like that my g, as Neville said, a slight change of mood here and there isn’t what gets you results, a complete transformation does.

“Armed with a working knowledge of this law, you can build and maintain an ideal world.”

– Feeling Is The Secret

Literally. Once you fully understand how to work the law you realize that your imagination is your best friend.

In order to see results you have to completely persuade yourself that you are that which you want to be. And that is the only way. Understand that your desires won’t be handed to you. You have to persist in persuading yourself that you are that which you want to be. I linked Neville’s book “Feeling Is the Secret.” Twice. Read it. It’s not a very long book. It’s everything you need to know. If you have been reading this subreddit more than you’ve read Neville’s work then prepare to be enlightened. 99% of the posts on here are complete trash, and I mean it. 99%. After reading Neville’s work you realize how people on here have twisted their interpretation of the law over the years. Aside from reading Neville, I’ll leave you with this post to read. The only post aside from a few others that’s worth reading on this subreddit. Apply it. Don’t half-ass it. You can do it.

I’ve given you everything you need. Keep your head up and persist. Read more Neville. You can find all his books and lectures online for free. Your imagination is your best friend. And I just want to remind you, the only thing that can stop you is yourself.