Tom Bilyeu – You Can Learn New Things

Tom Bilyeu:

That’s what I call “The only belief that matters”. ⁣

Fuck talent. ⁣

Fuck the idea of being born with shit. ⁣

It’s true that some people are more naturally gifted, but it’s also true that that doesn’t fucking matter. ⁣

Once you believe that you can change then you’ll be willing to put in the time and energy to gain new skills. ⁣

And that’s the game – the whole game. ⁣

It’s all about Turning your potential into actual skills. ⁣

That’s how you get ahead. ⁣

Never forget that skills aren’t about having a list of shit that you can out on a resume. ⁣

It’s about actually being able to do shit that matters. ⁣

And to do that you have to be able to build things and out perform the competition. ⁣

And it all beings with one simple belief – you can learn new things. ⁣

There has never been a better time. ⁣

So go learn. ⁣

Watch how it all stacks and shifts you into beast mode.