Revising Wide Swaths of Time


Well of course it feels like a lie right now. You gotta break it in like new shoes. Everything is an invention of the mind and it’s no more a lie than the ideas you fed on which resulted in the events to begin with. Because those ideas are habit, they seem true. Make new ideas habitual and they’ll seem true.

The reality is the past doesn’t exist anymore and memory is a fresh re-selection of a state that keeps your current identity stable.

So you have an attachment to an identity. The fact you note this is good because it shows awareness. It’s your decision now to stay attached to the identity if you want and keep manifesting things as they are OR you can make a decision to let that identify go. Simply making a decision and affirming it to yourself can be powerful. You can say to yourself“I’m ready to let it go and am choosing differently now”. You can manifest being someone who isn’t attached to the identity and then manifest a new identity.

Again – who you are now is a selection NOW. It’s a state you’re embodying now. Those memories are scenes you keep selecting and framing as defining events. They don’t comprise your entire past at all. There’s so much you didn’t select to repeat as your story and arguably you’ve give particular meaning to things that could just as easily be given a different meaning.

You don’t have to revise every experience in detail but you can choose different defining memories and reframe some to be more neutral if not positive. That’s often easier to do initially than a total wiping of a slate.

For instance I had a failed business with some rather, uh, unceremonious circumstances and bad blood… I didn’t revise the business succeeding because it’s not here now and I don’t want it to be. But I revised my feeling about it as a good learning experience, and I revised that the circumstances were peaceful and the people involved all moved on graciously. That was something I could feel real. It helped change my sense of failure to being someone who gets value and grows – it was a stepping stone, not a mistake.