Persist in the New State


Self-conception was something I didn’t want to hear about. Why? Cause my victim mentality wanted to stay alive. I would read AIM’s posts and think “cool stuff but I’m going to listen to other people who have victim mindsets cause they know where I’m coming from” Lol.

The moment I accepted I had a victim mindset, I made myself aware I had the power to change it. And yes it was just that easy. I didn’t have to sit down listen to 30 hours of self-love meditations, I just had to acknowledge I have this, I no longer want it, then stay persisting new beliefs that challenged my victim mindset. I starved it to death.

Being aware of who I wanted to be (the me who has it all) claiming I am it right RIGHT NOW was everything I needed to do. It was that simple. The reason it took time was cause I didn’t want to let go of the old story even though I really wanted to. (I’m sure that makes sense lol)

Change Your Mind and Dissolve It


The ego/old self trick that everyone commonly falls for is the trick of “waiting”. Waiting to feel better, waiting for people or circumstances to change, waiting for yourself to change… hello! It’s you! Who are you waiting on?

When it’s not feeling right it’s because you conjured up a state/feeling and you’re now pretending that this came to you from the outside and you have to wait for it to pass… waiting for a better day or better moment. This is a game you’re playing with yourself but it’s the cause of all of your dissatisfaction.

When dissatisfaction is there, when an uncomfortable feeling is there, when lack or frustration is there… FEEL it without judgement or resistance and remember that it is only there because YOU summoned it, there is no second power pushing it on you. You can change your mind and it can dissolve in an instant, but if not then Just watch it as if you are watching a snowflake in the sun. It will dissolve in seconds or minutes in most cases. And now what?

Now you just demonstrated to yourself that you don’t have to get stuck in waiting mode – you can actively dissolve afflictive emotion or states through non-resistance and remembering the truth. Likewise you can summon the exact states you want. It’s not difficult, a single word like “success” or “love” can do the trick if you enter into it feelingly.

Great success story to illustrate the immediacy of this path!

Shift Your Consciousness Just a Little Bit

Reddit user allisonmaybe:

I like what they said, you basically tend it like a flower. If I can shift my consciousness just a little in the right direction, and hold it there, it usually stays in thy new state until I can move it a little more, and then some more. It’s all persistence and patience. Most of the time now I can lift myself pretty easily out of a bad feeling. But I must hold it there consciously for a minute or two or it won’t stay.

Paint Your Reality with Beauty

Reddit user yggdra7il:

I had the understanding that these geometric shapes represented everything which surrounded me and beyond. They were the structures of my reality. I realized then that I was at a control center. If I so chose, I could pick, in the present moment, to feel happiness, for example – I can bring this feeling forth, nurture it, and sustain it – and this in turn reflects in my surroundings immediately. The 3D and 4D world is made up of math. It is all vibrations, and vibrations are communicated perfectly between the 3D and 4D. Once you raise your vibration, it immediately reflects in the 3D world.

Upon coming out of my trip, I made that realization – we are at a control center. We are not only the Observer of our thoughts and feelings, we are in complete control of them as well. In understanding this, you can understand states. We are all one, If your vibration is high, the vibrations in the 3D world will be as well. I did not understand how important feeling truly is until it was illustrated to me. Lower vibrations, negative thinking and feeling, are the opposite of beauty, in operating a higher vibration at its highest capacity, in all ways, you are producing art, which is then reflected in the 3D world.

Be in the present moment, because everything is in the present. Everything. Be aware of negative emotions and thoughts throughout your day. When you notice them, you can then dissolve them, come back to neutral – A blank canvas – and bring forth that which you wish to feel once again – which paints your reality with beauty.