The School for Gods

Stefano Elio D’Anna, from The School for Gods:

This book is a map and an escape plan.

Its aim is to show you the path followed by an ordinary man away from a hypnotic view of the world and an accusing and plaintive interpretation of existence, to escape the rut of a programmed destiny.

This book would never have come to be, nor could I have written a single line, had I not encountered the Dreamer and His teachings.

I owe my infinite gratitude to the Dreamer for having taken me by the hand into the world of the Dream, into the world of courage and flawlessness, where time and death do not exist and where wealth knows neither “thieves nor decay”.

On this journey back to the Essence, I have had to abandon so much ballast: destructive thoughts, negative emotions, second- hand beliefs and ideas. I have had to ‘conquer myself’ – acknowledge and challenge the darkest parts of my Being.

All that we see, touch and feel, reality in all its variety, is nothing more than the projection of an invisible universe which exists above our known world and which is the true origin of it.

With great difficulty, we can be aware of being surrounded by invisibility, of living in a world which has its source in dreams, where all that counts and is real in a man is invisible. Visibilia ex Invisibilibus.


The first thing one needs to be aware of to make this journey is one’s own condition of enslavement.

The root, the primary cause of all the world’s problems, from the endemic poverty of vast regions of the planet to criminality and war, is that humanity thinks and feels negatively.

Negative emotions rule the world we know. They are unreal, and yet they occupy every corner of our life. In order to change man’s destiny, he needs to change his psychology, his system of convictions and beliefs. He needs to eradicate from deep within himself the tyranny of his fragile, mortal, fragmented mentality. The planet’s most terrible illness is not cancer or Aids, but man’s conflictual thinking. This is the foundation upon which the ordinary vision of the world is built: the real planetary killer.


“One can only teach if one does not know,” the Dreamer once told me. “Those who truly know, do not teach!”

“What we have ‘learned’, what we truly ‘possess’, cannot be transferred. Happiness, wealth, knowledge, will and love, cannot be acquired from the outside, cannot be ‘given’ but only… ‘re- membered’. They are the inalienable gifts of Being, and therefore, the natural inheritance of every man.


«Even the ordinary man feels secure; his certainties are his fears… his doubts are his reality. He loves them, and would not let them go for anything in the world. From his earliest childhood, he has fed himself with illusory fears, he has eaten the fruit of his negative imagination, of his reverse creativity. As a result of this, he mistakes shadows for real adversity, and lives and feels constantly under threat…»