The Truth Is

Sri H. W. L. Poonja, from The Truth Is:

The answers to all of these questions have just one power and import: You are Eternal Being, Unbounded and Undivided. Now you are with someone who has no teachings and only one thing to say and that is also not a teaching: Just Keep Quiet, all will be well, Keep Quiet. You Are God Itself! What else? Here and Now, Everywhere, You are Happy, You are Peace.

Do not entertain any notion that you are in trouble. This is all that you have to do. It is nor a search but the cessation of distraction. We are here to help each other. Don’t entertain the notion that I am high and that you are low. We are here to find out how to be happy, how the whole world can be happy. We can speak about this between ourselves:
– What is the way to be happy and how can we transmit this happiness to all Beings.