The Duchess Cinematography

American Cinematographer:

To lay the groundwork for his close collaboration with Dibb, Pados spent as much time as possible with the director during prep. “Being a cinematographer is a bit like being a chameleon,” he muses. “You always have to adapt to your environment and become like your director by getting in his head and feeling what he wants, which is why spending time with him is important.

“For The Duchess, I had about six weeks with Saul before filming began, but I would have liked even more time, especially because it was a big and complicated production,” Pados continues. “We storyboarded a lot of things; we knew we wouldn’t necessarily be pinned down by our drawings and that there would be a lot of improvisation, but that approach allowed us to discover the really important moments. Sometimes we would just figure out one key shot for a scene, a bit of movement that would capture exactly what Saul wanted to express.”